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Spacer, Upper Cylinder Large
Larger black delrin spacer in upper clyinder. Part #7 in exploded view diagram. Also available in Rebuild Kit ...
SKUs: 118
In Stock: 9999
Price:  $8.00
Spacer,  Lower Cylinder Large
Longer black delrin spacer for lower cylinder. Part #17 in exploded view diagram. Also available in Rebuild Kit. ...
SKUs: 114
In Stock: 9999
Price:  $8.00
Snap Ring
Snap ring for holding cylinders in place. #10 on exploded view diagram ...
SKUs: 228
In Stock: 9919
Price:  $1.00
Fuse Block
Fuse holder. Takes standard fuses, 8 amp. ...
SKUs: 252
In Stock: 10000
Price:  $4.00
Connecting Rod w/ bushings & push nuts
Complete connecting rod assembly including push nuts. Part #53 in exploded view diagram. ...
SKUs: 103
In Stock: 469
Price:  $15.00
Burst Disk for 4500 psi
Part #33 in exploded view diagram. ...
SKUs: 271
In Stock: 9928
Price:  $8.00
Crankshaft bushing
Crankshaft bushing. #18 on exploded view diagram. McMaster 2938T13 ...
SKUs: 246
In Stock: 9986
Price:  $3.00
Maintenance Kit for Cylinders
Maintenance kit for both cylinders. Includes all o-rings and delrin spacers. See product description for details. ** BE SURE TO CHOOSE TYPE OF PISTONS USED FOR THIS KIT ** ...
SKUs: 1000
In Stock: 9769
Price:  $35.00
O-ring, Back Check 1/8"  (6 pack)
High temperature Viton o-ring for lower cylinder back check. You can NOT buy these high temp o-rings at the hardware store. ...
SKUs: 226
In Stock: 9978
Price:  $4.00
O-ring Outer Cylinder (6 pack)
Black Viton o-ring for outside of both cylinders where it seals into air block. 6 per package ...
SKUs: 213
In Stock: 9986
Price:  $3.00
Push Nut (for connecting rod) pk 10
Steel Push Nut for Unthreaded Shaft, Style A, Zinc-Plated, 1/4" Shaft Diameter; Pack of 10 pcs ...
SKUs: 277
In Stock: 9997
Price:  $3.00
Spacer, Lower Cylinder, Small
Smaller black delrin spacer for lower cylinder. Part #16 in exploded view diagram. Also available in the Rebuild Kit ...
SKUs: 113
In Stock: 9999
Price:  $8.00
Jackshaft Bushing
Bronze bushing for jackshaft.#48 on exploded view. McMaster 6338K414 ...
SKUs: 240
In Stock: 98
Price:  $3.00
Guide Bracket
Guide bracket for the roller on the bottom of the shaft block. Part #26 on the exploded view diagram. ...
SKUs: 106
This product is currently not available.
Price:  $10.00
Output Fitting High Pressure
Output fitting from compressor. Part #38 in exploded view diagram. ...
SKUs: 272
In Stock: 488
Price:  $12.00
high pressure fitting 1/8"
High pressure fitting with 1/8" pipe thread. #9 on exploded view diagram. ...
SKUs: 219
In Stock: 9960
Price:  $8.00
Sprocket, motor shaft (Chain Drive)
Motor shaft sprocket for Chain Drive Model ONLY. Not shown on exploded view. ...
SKUs: 234
In Stock: 9998
Price:  $9.00
O-ring 1/8" Lower Cylinder Piston  (6 pack)
Urethane o-ring for the lower piston shaft. ...
SKUs: 224
In Stock: 9952
Price:  $5.00
Air Line Stainless 4500 psi
Air line between cylinders. Rated for 4500 psi. Requires high pressure compression fittings. Part #8 on exploded view diagram. McMaster 8989K12 ...
SKUs: 218
In Stock: 90
Price:  $5.00
Spring, Switch Extender w/ cap
Spring to extend switch post. Comes with black cap. Fits on Part #51 on exploded view diagram. ...
SKUs: 266
In Stock: 9998
Price:  $5.00

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