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Introducing the NEW
Freedom8 Shoebox!

FULLY Adjustable Shut Off!

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4 feet of cooling line in the new F8

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Shown here actual size, the ShoeBox is the worlds smallest and lightest line of high pressure compressors starting at $649 dollars. These are the least expensive 4500 psi (or 3000 psi) air compressors on the market. It allows you to fill your paintball tanks or air rifles in the convenience of your own home.  If your tired of hauling your scuba tank to the dive shop for a fill, or the long drive to find a paintball store with a fill station, we finally have an affordable solution.


 Compressor Open Frame

Patent applied for

The ShoeBox Compressor offers freedom from relying on others for high pressure compressed air. If you have a 4500 psi or 300 bar paintball tank you can fill it directly from the ShoeBox. If you have a SCBA 44 cubic foot tank the ShoeBox will fill that too. 80 cubic foot scuba tanks are often filled by both our paintball and air rifle customers. They use the scuba tank to transfer fill to their paintball marker or air rifle instantly. 

The ShoeBox works with your 85 psi shop air compressor to "boost" the final output pressure to 4500 psi or 300 bar. This eliminates the cost of the first stage and allows the ShoeBox to have a retail price nearly 10% of standard 4500 psi air compressors.





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Your 'at home' solution to filling high pressure tanks!

 Gabby from the forum uses his to refill his air rifle at home:

"I have filled the guppy again from about 3800 to 4600"
"18 hrs runnin time with no trouble atall. "Gabby""

Rocking67 plays paintball and has his own personal paintball fill station:

"My new Toy, its great. Used it today and it filled my 62ci tank to 3000 psi in 1 1/2 hours. To make sure it was not a fluke, I emptied the tank and did it again. 1 1/2 hours from 0-3000psi and it automatically shut off each time. It works great. Good job guys."

Redlaser666 is another paintball player from the forum:

"My first fill!! Woot!! I have just completed my first fill. 45ci tank from empty to about 4200psi in less than 3 hrs."
"Im soooo excited!!!"

Faultyboysilver from the forum:
"i just wana say thanks so much for making this compressor i've been waiting since the old posts of rumor and totally love it. first fill only took about two and a half hours to get my 68 up to 3k my shop compressor only kicked on about every half hour for prob less than a minute which totally rocks cause ive got a studio apartment above my garage lol."